Tuesday, December 16, 2008

20 below

This is what 20 below looks like for all who have not had the pleasure to really take it in...for days and days and days. What do you do when it is 20 below you ask. First, you pray that the cars will start, when they do you let them run for a looooong time before you try to drive. Head into town with a list of EVERYTHING that you might want or need for the next few days. This will be the only trip into town until work on Monday morning. Eat lunch at a warm restaurant by a fire. Pick up movies and the projector. Stop at the grocery store to fill the kitchen with food. The hardware store for a pipe heater for the horses water, a new kitchen faucet and plastic covering for the old ranch house windows. Remember to keep the truck running the entire time and head back to the ranch. Cut enough firewood to last for many days and get into the house where you catch up on cleaning, laundry and inside chores that have been put off during nice weather and hunting season, watch plenty of movies and cook good hearty food. All in all it is not so back. Makes for a pretty fun weekend.

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Weather said...

Brrrr!! It looks really cold. Come down anytime you need a break from it - it was 72 yesterday!