Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For awhile now blogging has felt like much more effort than I am willing to put forth...
The things that I have been putting my energy into include:
~planning a trip to San Diego with my bro and sis...and dad and step-mom
~preparing for and enjoying an awesome Thanksgiving feast with mi familia..........
(missing my bro, mom, bruce and justin on Thanksgiving due to an injured horse and an angry appendix)
~bringing back the Isaly family Thanksgiving tradition of being crafty together.....we make kick ass bee's wax candles (thank you Jamie and Traci)...I heart you guys!!
~worrying about my bro's health
~being done with xmas shopping by the end of Nov.
~making x-mas spider ornaments and selling them at the xmas stroll at the Danforth!!!
~sitting for hours in my bro's hospital room with he and my mama
~canceling our trip to San Diego....bro is in no shape for travel
~being thankful that bro is back home and one the mend
~work xmas parties
~picking and cutting down as tree in sub-zero temps
~planning the xmas tree judging progressive party
~buying a snowmobile from a friend
~hoping for more snow
And at some point I may get some pics up of the last few months.....Hope you are enjoying your holiday season!!

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Brooke and Peter said...

i didn't know you canceled your trip! what a bummer! enjoy your snowmobile! :)