Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out with the OLD....In with the NEWish!

My poor old silver Elantra GT hatchback is now sitting back on the very same lot where we met just 3 years ago at Montana Import Group. She has had a rough couple of months!! On May 20th she was sideswiped while parked on Park Street while I enjoyed a quick tanning sesh. She was promptly whisked away to spend the next 30 days in a skinky body shop garage while I crused around in a gangster black Grand PriX with blackout tinted windows (that also smelled like a stinky body shop garage).

A month passed by and she was mine again but I wan't quite happy with a few things so back she went. And at the end of the day she looked like this.............

There had been another casualty so again we waited patiently to get fixed back up.

Little did she now I had been feeling the itch to upgrade, and upgrade I did. Within hours of her window being fixed I passed the keys back to the dealship and left with my Santa Fe.