Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have really been neglecting the blogging lately. Still no pics. I have not downloaded pics from my camera in weeks. But let me think......What is going on here?
We tore down the old garden fence and drove ten 12foot posts. They are now ready for some fencing and a gate. Working on that project this weekend I think. We spent last weekend getting ready for our ranch owners to arrive for a few weeks. They are here now. Which means nothing more than Fisher has to stay inside during the day even though the weather is good because he is a bark-aholic now that he can't hear much. I was really looking forward to Fisher spending his days outside now that winter is over. He is quite the hair machine and I am tired of vacuuming EVERY evening. But really, the weather has not been that great. Rain, rain and more rain. Even hail, thunder and lightening last night....which I do not like at all! I have started my internship and even get my FIRST client of my own today!!! Watch out! Have a wonderful warm weekend.....

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Anonymous said...

do what we have done turn him into a mexican hairless heeler