Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh Kitty.

I have to admit. You really have had me very worried about you. That pack of 3 coyotes who seem to have taken up residence close by have me nervous. They seem to be getting more and more brave. Each time that we see them they are closer to the house. And when you didn't come for 2 days...well; I was quite scared for you.
Now I do understand what a little bad ass you are and just how tough you are but I am still not sure that you would be able to take on 3 hungry coyotes and make it back home. And I know that this is not the first time that you have taken off on some wild adventure for a few days and you do always make it home safely. But that was before those coyotes moved into the neighborhood. Or at lease before they decided that they really don't need to hide themselves from us.
Fisher almost lost his voice the other morning letting those coyotes know that they are not welcome. They were all just hanging out in the field right below the house. He really hates coyotes. But I think that he was also a little worried about you. Even though he would never admit it.
G was also very worried about you. He called me right away last night when he got home and found you hungry and ready to come in. I was in a meeting but he just wanted to let me know that you were safe.
I guess I am just trying to tell you that even little bad ass kitty's have to be careful. Especially with those mangy mutts running around. They are nasty and not someone to play with. So be careful. We would be very sad if you quit coming home. I lost my little duckies to the neighbor mama fox last year and that was hard enough.

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Brooke & Peter said...

does kitty need a grounding for a while? at least until the coyote bullies leave?