Monday, January 12, 2009

Just like Christmas

G and I decided to take full advantage of being American consumers yesterday. The big decision around the house lately has been NEW BIG TV vs old little TV. The NEW BIG TV won out over the weekend and we made it our mission to do our homework and get the best TV for what we wanted. And of course no new TV can be connected to an old DVD player and needs bigger sound and why not throw in a video game or too as well. We ended up with a 40' LCD HDTV, a new DVD player that converts regular old DVDs to HD, surround sound and best of all a Wii w/Guitar Hero. It took me a good 3 hours to get it all put together right yesterday and we spent the evening bowling, boxing, playing baseball, tennis, golf and of course rockin out! Now I am hating being at work and I just want to play! I love being a consumer. At least now we can scratch the projector off of the list.


Brooke and Peter said...

way to go!!!! damn that costco! i want a formal invite to come over and play guitar hero... we have never played and really really want to!
oh, and really you can justify all this expense b/c it's like a gym membership too... you burn alot of calories drinking beer and playing wii... so i hear.

Jacqueline said...

You guys will have to come over for dinner after I get back from Vegas to play. It ROCKS!! We are both sore already, I think from boxing! I want sooooo many games now tho.