Thursday, March 19, 2009

A horse is a horse...of course, of course.

We are traveling to the Crow Agency Reservation (just outside of Billings) tomorrow hauling an empty horse trailer in hopes of returning with it not so empty. G has been longing for a horse for some time now and as it turns out this is a pretty good time to be in the market for a horse. Many people can no longer afford to take care of their large animals and have to find homes for them in a hurry. This is not the case for these prospects.....they have a safe lovely home with plenty to eat but G is not the bargain shopper that I am. But that is the sad situation in this area....I have heard of people letting thier horses loose in the National Forest to lighten their own burdins. SAD ANYWAY.......We are going to check out 2 beautiful (I imagine) animals with intentions of bringing one back to live on the ranch with us. I wish that I could get the other one but being responsibel for a huge animal is probably not the best choice for me at this point. He will be joining 2 friends there and will probably be overwhelmed with the amount of hay and goodies that he will now have to choose from. Very exciting day tomorrow.. ;)

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