Monday, March 8, 2010

21 and famous

My little brother Keegan turned the BIG 21 today!! For his birthday he got to be on NATIONAL TELEVISION. His first year guiding Elk Hunting for my friend Peter Howell at Willow Ranch Outfitters.....his very first hunt ever was the trip of a lifetime. He spent 10 days hunting and shooting for Western Extreme and was on the Outdoor Channel. I am watching it right now! I am told that the hunt that he guided himself will air in May but he is in some shots today too!!!

I remember when Keegan was born 21 years ago. I was almost 7 years old. I have to be honest, there were times when I thought not having a brother would have been easier. But now, I couldn't imagine life without you.



Brooke and Peter said...

Ahhhhh.... Happy birthday keegan! We love you too! Thanks for helping make us famous!

Meg Taylor said...

happy birthday darling!!!

Meg Taylor said...

why no recent posts??

Weather said...

I love how you and Keegan have the exact same expression on your faces. You two are so cute and so obviously related!!