Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

Sometimes I feel like I work harder on the weekends that during the week. And as far as physical work goes this is usually true. Of course it is, I sit in an office all week long. We spent last weekend re-decking and varnishing the boat trailer so we are very ready to receive the raft. I was told that it is shipping for sure on Thursday.......cross your fingers.

I also finally got a reel to put on my new rod. Now all I need is for the river to go down and clear up. But who knows when that will happen. But when it does, I will be ready for it. Watch out fish.........lol -really there's not much to be afraid of.

The RAGING dirty Yellowstone River. It is taking out one of the bridges in town right now. The army had to bring in a temporary bridge because it links a few small islands with residents to town. A big to do around here. People even set up chairs and food in hopes that they might be there when it really goes under. Livingston sure is exciting!
We finally hung the beautiful cedar gate that G built and there have been no signs of deer in the garden so far...............................I am hopeful.

And things are growing...............We have only had things in the ground for a week up there.

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Meg Taylor said...

LOVE the new pic of the flower at the top of the blog!!!!