Friday, June 27, 2008

Turning 26!! YAY

Yesterday was my favorite friend Ashleys' 26th Bday. Although I did not get to see Ashley yesterday...she lives in Las Vegas and I live in MT I thought of her all day. I thought of how she knows what I am thinking before I tell her....even over the phone....and how I NEVER have to be afraid to tell her anything. Even when it is mean; she is usually thinking the same thing anyway. She is the CUTEST pregnant person ever! I can't wait for your shower in August. I hope you enjoy being 26. It's pretty much the same as 25....but a little closer to 30!! I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!

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Ashley said...

Oh, Jacq. That was so sweet of you to post this. You are a very special friend and I am grateful for you! Love you! And yea..not feeling too much different here at 26 vs. 25. :-) Maybe if I get a ring on my finger soon I will !!! Did I just say that out loud?