Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ladies and Gelntlemen, there are currently 14 cars on the freeway.....

This was that Livingston traffic report that we got from our newly made friend from Alabama. Grifs' brother Tom drug himself and 4 co-workers up to MT for a fishing trip. We met them for dinner last night at Chico Hot Springs and had a great night full of fantastic food, toasts and tons of laughs. Peter arranged all of the fishing part of the trip so he and Brooke came to dinner with us which was fun.

Brooke, Peter, John, Roger, Tommy, Greg, Robert, G and I

Brooke and her FLAMING dessert. There was 9 of us, we ordered 10 desserts! It was like a sugar buffet................. My favorite.

Tommy, G and I. It has been great to have Tommy visit twice in the past couple of months.

Our dinner mates. Thank you Brooke for being such and awesome friend! And thank you Peter for being such an awesome outfitter and setting up such a wonderful trip for these guys. They are going to LOVE every second of it! are also and awesome friend.

G gets to join these crazy men on their MT adventures. I am really glad that he is taking some time off from work and going with them. He doesn't get a break very often b/n CTM Arch and the ranch. I don't think that any of these guys deserves a mini vaca more that he does. He is really excited to fish some different waters and being able to do it with his bro is the icing on the cake.

Have fun guys.....stay out of well.....laugh much.............and CATCH FISH!

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Brooke & Peter said...

you are so cute!!! thanks for blogging that fun, fun memory and dinner. we had such a great time. peter came back from fishing last night talking about how much he likes hanging out with grif and you... so glad!!!!