Thursday, June 19, 2008

Playing Catch Up

It has been so long since I have had the time at work to blog and I am never on the computer at home. I forgot for awhile what it is like to be busy at work every day. Things are beautiful here right now. Everything is so green after having weeks of rain and cool weather. I couldn't get enough of the warm sunshine last weekend and can't for next weekend. That is the tough part about living in MT and working in an office. It is nice for most of the year to be protected from the elements but we don't have a long warm/hot season and it sucks to have to miss 5/7 of every week being in the office. I turned the space heater on in my office for the first time this week.......I HATE A/C!!!!!! WAY too cold for me so I use a space heater in the summer to take off the chill. (Remind you of anywhere else Brooke??)

After demo of original garden fence.

Pounding 14 foot posts.Posts in, ready for fencing.
Finally tilling after all of the rain.

Everything planted except for tomatoes and peppers.

All in and ready to grow!!! YAY!

Grif and I FINALLY finished the Garden.....Well all but hanging the gate. We will probably do that this weekend. It looks SO nice and I am very pleased with my amazing handi-man. The gate is built, just not hung and it is really beautiful cedar. It is going to be awesome. And the best part is that next year all we will have to do is till and plant. No construction needed. THANK GOD.

Pushing babies through the chutes and onto the trailers.

One happy man.
Bye Bye cow buddies......enjoy your new home.

We also sold the cows....and I have not misses them for even a second. We sold them to my moms BFs son as a starter herd so if we ever do want to see how they are doing we know where to find them. But I really don't see that happening. I am glad to know that they are being well taken care of.

Everyone in this area makes a mad dash in the spring to catch the Morell Mushrooms at just the right place and time. We are lucky enough to have some spots in the creek bottom and on the last where these mysterious mushrooms appear. We found them for about a week. They are very tasty and we look forward to them every year.

Tiny baby. Maybe 0ne day old. SO CUTE!


Brooke & Peter said...

boy you have been busy... no wonder i haven't seen you!
you have a garden big enough to sell to grocery stores! you are going to have SOOO much food! awesome!

Meg Taylor said...

OMG!!!!! the baby deer

Jacqueline said...

Isn't it cute Meg? I even got to pet it a little bit. Super soft. The garden grew a little from the original size when we had the Bobcat out with the bucket on it. G couldn't resist. ;)

Ashley said...

I really enjoy reading about your world out in the valley. It is so beautiful and peaceful. It takes a lot of work, I see. I always wanted a garden! What do you season those mushrooms with? They look yummy