Friday, July 25, 2008

Behind Again

Last weekend my old roomie and college bestie came to visit from Denver. It has now been over a year since she left me here in search of something bigger and better. She found it but I am sure that eventually she will find her way back here. She is an MT girl through and through. We had a great afternoon and evening in Bozeman shopping the crazy days sales, hiding from a serious hale/rain monsoon, reminiscing at the Canary and din din at Ale Works.

Alicia and Jacqueline waiting in the car for the storm to let up.

Crazy storm. Bozeman got something like 7 inches of rain in about 30 min.

Girls night.

Diner at Ale Works at 10pm when we finally got around to eating.

Sunday G and I spent a glorious day on the river with some great people. The day was filled with fishing, rowing practice, a few great wave trains, kayaking, BBQ on the gravel bar, and lots of laughter. I finally got to use my new fly fishing set up. I didn't catch anything but G told me that I learned a lot. Thanks for the encouragement babe. I think that the other guys felt bad for G cuz he had to row me the entire time and didn't get to fish much so I gave rowing another shot.....and I think that I am getting a little better. It is not easy but I am ready to practice again soon.
Maiden voyage for the Red Super Puma....GO BROOKE!

Perfect spot for food and relaxing.
Brooke really is quite a bad ass!

First time trying out the new set up.

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Brooke & Peter - Brutus, Gaucho & Oliver said...

your girls night looked like fun and thanks for calling me a bad-ass... you are super bad!