Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All my friends

You saw the cows. Here are the rest of my friends at the ranch.
Kitty (moe) is a real bad ass in the summer. But in the winter he kind of turns into a pussy.
Old doggie (14 yrs old) Fisher still loves to come play and help even if it does make him a little sore.
Hazel (white) and Corelli (bay on the other side) chillin at the feeder.
The deer are also just like pets to us. They of course keep their distance but the distance isn't much. I caught these guys eating from a bail of hay in the back of Grifs truck last weekend. They also wait each morning for G to feed the horses and they join them for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Is that cat hanging onto the fence post?

Jacqueline said...

Yes, he is. He is a real show off. Thanks for the comment! ;)