Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This will be a brief rundown of my life. To inform you and give me a chance to reflect. I have found myself once again living in quaint little Livingston, MT. This is the place where I grew up. For 15 years (age 3-18) Livingston was my home sweet home. After a HUGE (lol) move over the hill to Bozeman I never again thought that I would make my home in Livingston. But to my surprise, and to all of my family and friends...........here I am. And surprisingly loving it. Livingston is not quite the same as I remember back in the good ole high school days. I find that there is much to do and the beauty that I am surrounded by keeps me quite content. I live now out in Paradise Valley on a 1,000 acre ranch with the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There with his 14 yr old ranch dog Fisher, hard core killer kitty, 2 horses, and between 12 and 24 cows (depending on the time of year) we live quietly. It is a quick 10 mile drive to town that we often choose not to make over the weekends. I have found myself working at Southwest Chemical Dependency Program-I know, surprising huh? I am the Prevention Specialist which means I spend my days in and out of the schools and all over town working with some really amazing people all with the intentions of making Livingston a better, safer, cleaner place for all of us to enjoy. I have also recently started working with Manaia Youth Programs which I will explain in more detail some other time. Grif and I work hard all week and work hard at home. (He works a little harder than I do, but I try to help) But don't worry, we always find time to play in between.

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