Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow report.

Since last Friday, 1/18/08 we have had quite the downpour of snow. None of us Montanans are complaining either. We have all been praying for snow all winter it seems like and it all came at once. We got at least a couple of feet out at the ranch as you can see. These were taken over the weekend and we got at least 8-10 more inches since then. It is a winter wonderland. I was busy all last weekend but I can't wait for this weekend to be able to get out into the fields and play, play, play. Grif had to plow the road at least 4 times over the weekend and it is already not so clear again. Thank goodness for my studded tires. My little car has been a real rock start so far this winter and I am very pleased.

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