Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Country Livin' is where its at!

My poor little care has still not moved since last Friday. We were not even able to get up the road last night in Grifs truck and in discovering this we got it sort of stuck. Thankfully, our friendly neighbors in a huge truck with chains on the tires got us almost up to our house. We got right into the tractor when we got home and started moving snow. Because the drifted snow is so thick and hard now even the plow can't get through it. It has to be picked up and moved. One bucket load at a time. A very slow process. After a few hours we finally got through the drifting in our driveway....maybe about 1/8 mile and moved on to the next task of feeding the cows. Simple enough right? Wrong. Because of the drifting we had to use a different gate to get into the hay than usual. One that of course was closed and also drifted over. So Grif had to dig the fence out with the back of a hammer. We got a bail and eventually got it to the cows having to maneuver the tractor around cars left parked on the road that had been drifted around. When we got to the cows we checked their water and it was frozen over because one of the extension cords to the tank heater had gone bad. Grif pounded through the ice to get the ladies water and then went to work figuring out which of the 3 cords it takes was not working. Keep in mind that these cords have been in their places since late fall so they are feet deep in rock hard snow. Grif dug them out with his trusty hammer.
There is something that I really love about watching him work on the ranch. It amazes me the way that he powers through every obstacle that we face while I sit in the tractor and watch. I help when I am needed but that is not often. He just moves through things with such grace. Watching him is very reassuring to me. I always know that I am safe and well taken care of.
Anyway, back to our evening. We eventually replaced one cord and went on down the road to pull the truck out of the ditch. Luckily it was not bad at all and I pulled him out in the tractor with ease. We took the truck down to the bottom of the road and headed back up to the house in the tractor. We got to bed a little after 1am.
This morning we got to walk down to the truck about 2 miles. We were most of the way down when our friendly neighbor from last night came up behind us and offered us a ride. (Gotta love livin in MT-everyone is so nice) We decided to just hoof it down since we were almost there anyway. Fun huh.....................anyone want to join? :)
I do have ton of pics and I will get them up as soon as I download them to my comp.

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