Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Then came the cold

We watch the weather channel often. early this week the weatherman was commenting on how unusually COLD it was in the northwest. Low 20s in Idaho. Completely ignoring the fact that the temps in the state next door (MT) were below zero. I do love our often forgotten state but come on, it is right there and it is huge. Monday was unbearably cold out and although it was MLK day I was out working. Doing Reward and Reminder (tobacco compliance checks) in Madison County. Thankfully it was not quite as cold there as it was in good ole L-town. At 8:30 am the bank temp was -14. At 9:30 am it had climbed to -9. Moving up in the world right.... Well, do you know what -9 feels like. Air that freezes your lungs as you breathe in is something everyone should experience and have the pleasure of enjoying sometime in life. When it is this cold the snow doesn't fall and all is pretty still, unless you are lucky to live in Livignston where is it almost never completely still. So once the snow starts falling again at least you know your lungs won't get frostbite. Or at least not as quickly. Thankfully when I was on my way home last night the snow was falling a bit again.


Brooke & Peter said...

man, you did some catch up on blogging!!! yay!

fun read thanks for introducing me to the animals, the snow, etc.

when can i come see it in person???

Jacqueline said...

Yeah, I wasted some serious time today. Yay for me. I know, I can't wait for you to come out, when I am finally actually there. I fell like I have not been there other than to sleep for awhile.

Meg said...

wow! I have never been in weather like that...its no big deal to you - right?

Meg said...

how do you and brooke know each other?