Monday, February 25, 2008


We went xc skiing at the B-Bar Ranch on Saturday. It was tons of fun. So far I have only skied in the fields so I was a little nervous. But SO glad that we went. B-Bar is way south of town up Tom Miner Basin. Grif actually did a whole bunch of work up there one season when he was working with a design/build firm while still in school so it was really fun for him to see everything that they had done up there and show it all to me. We spent the morning on the easiest trail up there. I only fell about four times. Grif even filmed me going down into and back out of a creek bottom thinking that I would fall at some point but........I didn't!! He didn't catch any of my falls on the camera this time.
I'm coming slowly but surely....... I tend to trail pretty far behind so G has to stop and wait for me a lot.
G taking a rest in the Anderson Cabin. We saw HUGE animal trail going up the hillside behind.... bear maybe??

What a cute little cabin. The snow was up past my knees outside the door.

So the B-Bar has these amazing work horses that they use all over the ranch. I keep forgetting what they are called but I know that they have the work punch in the name so I will call them punches. They are incredibly thick with huge hoofs. They remind me of some sort of prehistoric lizard with their thick necks and smaller heads. We spent a lot of time checking them out.

After skiing we decided to check out a sand bar on the river off of the bridge. One that we have never been to. We found lots of great rocks and even crossed paths with another old rock hound out there. Fun day.
And what did my bro do this weekend???.........................Fished of course. No sure why he looks so angry. Looks like a pretty good day to me.


HeatherRenea said...

OMG...i want to go skiing with you :(

xoxo H

Brooke & Peter said...

what a great weekend!!!! i wish we could have gone, but the cost was a bit high for two broke folks! great pics...