Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Micca has tagged me to answer these questions:

5 weird or random facts about yourself:

1. I LOVE living on the ranch. (even when I am complaining about it) And would L-O-V-E love to have my own. (as long as I had someone there to take care of the ranchie things...not good at most of them)
2. If you looked at my desk you would never believe that I know where everything is on it. But I do. It is a ploy so that no one can find anything but me. :)
3. I really enjoy all the projects and programs that I am a part of right now but I have no long term career that bad? I feel like maybe I should get one but I'm not sure where to find it.
4. I hated PE more than anything else we had to do in school.
5. I am an online shopaholic.......we don't have much for shopping here so I have to turn to the internet. I often find myself shopping online and think; what am I even looking for....nothing.

5 places I would like to travel:

1. Vegas and NYC every couple of months to see my besties (Ashley and Heather) and throw Denver in that mix to see Alicia too
2. Kentucky (where Grif is from) and Alabama (where his family farm is)
3. Figi
4. Europe
5. New Zealand

I am tagging anyone who reads this.

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