Monday, February 11, 2008


All this talk about lists. I do not make lists. Not because I don't like them. Mostly because I like to believe that I have a great memory (which I do) and for me making lists would make my memory somehow less amazing..... I do from time to time make small lists while meeting with my boss because sometimes I feel like if I'm not writing things down he may feel like I am not listening. But I am listening and I rarely refer back to the lists later. Even when I make grocery lists I do not follow them. So why do I make grocery that Grif feels like we have a plan when going into the grocery store and that I am not just wandering aimlessly throwing random shit into our cart. (Which I think he does more than I do but whatever)
Or maybe I don't write lists because I don't want to think of extra things to do and then feel obligated to do them all because I wrote them down once. That could be it too. My old roomate used to write to do lists every day and update and alter them all day long. I tired it once. It didn't last a day.
So I am happy to say that I am not a lister.

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Brooke & Peter said...

man girl... i envy YOU... i would lose my head, my life, my job, my husband, and ALL my friends if I did not make lists... even if they are mental lists, if I don't make some effort to retreive it later... it never gets done... TOOOO many things going on up there if you know what I mean!