Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Js weekend wrap up.

After spending all last week struggling day and night just to get to town and back up to the house being able to sleep in a little Saturday morning with no worries of how I would make it to work came as a great relief. Grif spent most of the weekend in a front end loader on snow relocation duty which left me to getting the house back to normal. I had ignored all of the things I do throughout the week (dishes, vaccuming, laundry) because all of my time and energy was wasted on snow. I was glad to be able to get some things done that had been driving me CRAZY!
Between my cleaning and Gs snow moving we were able to have our friends Will and Suzie up for a wonderful homemade dinner (who needs the Bistro...right Will?) After dinner the four of us ventured down the road to enjoy a friendly girls vs. guys shuffle board match. Sadly the guys won 4/5 games. The must have been cheating!!
We did miss the Super Bowl party at Matts but had a nice Sunday evening and........back to work.

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