Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter and Happy EARLY Bday to me!!

My Birthday has only really fallen on Easter once so far in my life. But when everyone starts to go in their own direction you have to celebrate together when you can. My sister came home for Easter and eventhough it was over a week before myr eal bday I got to celebrate anyway.

A beautiful handmade silk bag from the Drawing Room. Fleece jacket for springtime. I always need a new coat.....right G?? Soap, candles, coffee. My bro gave me a canning kit for the fall. I want to make homemade salsa, jams, and can veggies from the garden.

My most exciting gift is my new Browning BL22. Grif took me to Sportsmans Warehouse on Saturday afternoon and let me pick the gun that I wanted. Very exciting for me. This is my first gun.

We went straight to the range to try it out. I am real tough now!!


Brooke & Peter said...

Love the new gun, the pretty birthday cake and fleece.
you have got to teach me to can this summer too... It's a lost art and something that would be so helpful!
thanks for lunch today too! that was fun.

Meg Taylor said...

how did you meet G? YOU ARE 26???? you are a baby!

Jacqueline said...

Yes Meg, I am a baby. G and I met through some mutual 'friends' almost 2 years ago. He is pretty great. I am really a baby compared to him (33) and I love it. He is really great!