Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I am really smart and I think that I left my Ipod at the gym last night in the locker room!! Called the gym, called the place that we ate after the gym, checked my two coats that I was wearing, checked my gym bag (even though I never put it in there) and it is NOWHERE!! I am really sad. How will I manage being at the gym with no distraction from the fact that I am working out?? The most frustrating part for me is that someone had to have taken it from the gym. I was there from 6-7p and they close at 8p. Not many folks there between the time that I left and the time that I called this morning to check if they had found it. Who does that; take something that is very much not theirs?? I will keep you posted.

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Meg Taylor said...

that SUCKS!!! same thing happened recently with my sunglasses - I would NEVER take something that was not mine! I hope it turns up!