Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Monday

Grif took me to Dan Baileys fly shop on Saturday morning to get me some boots and waders to that we can get across parts of the river to other sand bars and islands to look for rocks. If you know me well you know that I am very afraid of the water. Especially the river. I LOVE being on the water but being in the water is a whole different story for me. I have been getting more and more brave. By the end of last summer I even got out chest deep with my family while they swam. But that was really pushing it for me. Anyway, Saturday I didn't quite make it across. The place where we went was just a little too fast for my comfort level. I think G realized that as he lost feeling in his hand as I help onto it for dear life. So we went to a place where I didn't have to cross and just practiced being in the water with the boots and waders. It was not a very nice day and G even got sold so we called it quits for the day.

Brooke and Peter came over for dinner Sat night. It was really great. I think Brooke took some pics so I imagine you will be able to check her page for them. We had a great time. Dinner was really nice and then the boys disappeared upstairs on google earth and Brooke and I got to visit. I am SOOOOO glad that they came out!!!
Sunday morning G got up to go feed the cows before we met my god father for breakfast at Pine Creek. He was in town visiting from Wyoming. Grif was standing in the kitchen and I was still laying in bed when he started yelling at me to get up. He had just watched a MOUNTAIN LION walk across the road about 100 yards from the house in the creek bottom. Before we went to breakfast we went down to investigate. There were obvious tracks going both directions up and down the creek bottom and it had just snowed on Saturday so it was all from the night before. Pretty creepy and awesome at the same time.

After a nice breakfast G had some snuggle time with kitty while we decided what to do with the rest of the day.
We decided to try the river again.....................And I got across!!! WooHoo for me!! We went down to Pine Creek access and it wasn't as fast. Still scary but I made it. G caught fish and we found some great rocks.

We also realized that we were being carefully watched by two Bald Eagles. The sun and blue sky came out enough on and off to keep me from freezing. Great weekend. Can't wait for the next one. Have to get through these days in between first though.

PS. Thank you to those sending your prayers to my cousin. She is doing considerably well and in beginning her long road of recovery.


Brooke & Peter said...

LOve the bald eagle shot and yes, got some pics up of our fabulous dinner with you all. you inspired me and I too cooked a Rachel Ray 30 minute meal last night - pork chops with homemade apple sauce and asparagus... delicious. i am hooked!

Anonymous said...

I love Rachel Ray. Sometimes she kind of gets on my nerves though. Love the waders. What is this whole rock hunting thing. Are you getting paid for this or what? Sounds like you guys had fun at dinner.

Jacqueline said...

Micca- I do not get paid for picking rocks up from the river banks. I am trying to figure out how to make it a cash cow but no luck so far. We find agate, petrified wood, and jasper mostly. Just for fun. Grif loves rocks. They are all over our house. We did get a polisher and he has a rock saw so maybe we can make things out of them.

Meg said...

beautiful nature pics! congrats for getting across the river!

Meg said...

beautiful nature pics! congrats for getting across the river!