Monday, April 28, 2008

I think spring might be close...

These guys are our neighbors. Sunday morning was the first day that we saw baby out playing. Definitely a sign of spring. Woo Hoo. Can't wait to see the baby deer soon!!
This is my attempt to keep Kitty and Fisher from digging and hanging out in my strawberry bed. G let them do it until I told him that strawberries are supposed to come back every year. Not sure of ours have a fighting chance but I can still hope right?
While I put the tiny cedar fence around my strawberries G worked on setting things up in the shop. He bought a welder on Friday and a metal chop saw the weekend before. Just a few more toys and he will be ready to put out some serious furniture!! I can't wait and neither can he!!

Sunday was beautiful so we spent to day enjoying the ranch. We fixed fence, moved cows back to where they were supposed to be, worked on clearing the fields of gross little animals.........

...................and welded stuff. This is my very FIRST time welding. I am pretty much a pro by now......right.

Sunday evening we headed into town to attend Brooke and Peters Pray for Spring Party. I was a great time had by all. I didn't bring my camera but maybe Brooke will post some pics!!! Thanks Brook and Peter for such a fun evening and great ending to a great weekend!

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