Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Toys

Fun new toys that I have gotten for myself this week.
New LG Chocolate phone in blue ice. You are right Brooke. It is strange to get used to but will do. I got a bunch of stuff so that i could just put music onto this phone to replace my ipod but II never got it to work. Apparently Itunes is not compatible with it. After I started actually reading how to do it the Q&A said that music purchased from Itunes would not work. Which is most of my music. So if anyone doesn't use Itunes and has a Chocolate and wants to put music onto it let me know cuz I have the hook up.
After my failed attempt at using my new phone as a music player I realized that I would just have to buy myself a new Ipod. So I did. I am trying the 8g nano. Not as much memory as my old one but very cute and light. Perfect for working out.


Meg Taylor said...

that is the ipod I have!

Ashley said...

Sweet!! I love tech-MO-logy! Let me know how that phone works. Can you get on the Internet with it?

Anonymous said...

The 8g is the perfect size! Mine is black. Congrats on the new tech.

Weather said...

I have the black cherry