Wednesday, April 9, 2008

That is a nice noise

This is what G always says when any age child is embarrassing its parents in a public place. It is sort of funny and sort of not at all. He says he would feel differently if it were his own child, but would he really? He also says if it were his own child they would not be making that 'nice noise'. Right. Anyway, I just thought of this because there is a crying infant down the hallway at my office right now. Yup, people bring their children to appts at the treatment center. I guess I understand that they probably have now where else to take them but come on....are you really getting what you should be out of therapy if you are tending to a screaming infant? I think not.


Meg Taylor said...

what exactly do you do for a living?

Jacqueline said...

meg- I am the Youth Prevention Specialist at Southwest Chemical Dependency Program. (local outpatient treatment center) I am not a therapist here. I work in the schools and community doing prevention work (education, drug free activities, etc).