Friday, April 25, 2008

Introduction to Addictive Behaviors

This is the first course that I have to take. Addiction Theory: Introduction to Addictive Behaviors. I spent the entire week in a grant writing training in Bozeman. It was really in depth and I am now scheming on how I can manage to fund a project for G and have us both stay at home to work. But until then..................I am scrambling to get applications filled out, 'official' transcripts mailed to the right people and my old job in working order so that someone can come and fill it. I am getting excited for this change. I love new challenges and can't wait to start. The last person in my office to get their LAC gave me the first text to start reading. So it looks like that will be my life again for awhile. School. But school with no classes, no professors, and no timeline. I can do each class as fast or as slow as I please.

On another note....I went into the ditch yesterday on East River Road going into town in the morning (don't worry, I got out fine) and then had to drive all the way to Bozeman for the last day of grant training. Spring.................are you listening????

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