Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring things

This year I had to pretty much choose between a garden and ducks. Because to have either we are up against quite a bit of work on what exists for functionality. The garden fence is too short and the deer ate our ENTIRE garden last year. Even the roses. So we have to extend the fence so that it is about 8 feet tall if we want to give our veggis a fighting chance. My duckies were killed last year by a fox (I think) because after they got a couple of months old they were impossible to get back into the duck house at night or when we would I left them out and that turned out to be a real bad idea. In order for us to give duckies a safe home we would have to build an enclosed cage off of the back of the duck house so that they could go outside whenever they want without the chance of being someones dinner. I am going to miss having duckies this year but not as much as I missed last years duckies when they disappeared. I really LOVE having a garden this year and duckies next.

G spent yesterday afternoon resurfacing the workbench in the garage. The garage is old and leans slightly so to be sure that he has a level and clean surface to work on he re did it. We are going to put the rock polisher out there when it is consistently above freezing at night so it has to be perfectly level. G also wants to start building his collection of tool so that he wan work on designing/building furniture in his spare (hahaha) time so having a functional shop is essential. Looks good to me. Great job!!

And...................Kitty has taken up gardening. He has been helping us get the beds ready for planting. I hope he is careful not to rip up the strawberries planted in there.

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Brooke & Peter said...

FUN projects... love this time of year!