Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sweet Boyz.

I watched my cousin Alisha's boys for her yesterday afternoon. I love hanging out with them. 11 year old Cobe had to leave soon after I got there to go to baseball practice so it was just 6 year old Ivan and Wynn who will turn 2 in June. We went for a walk and visited my bro on our way back because they live less than 1 block from each other.

Wynn and I have matching boots!!! How cool are we. He loves his boots just as much as I love mine and likes to point out that we match. When I got to his house he had put them on the wrong feet so we had to switch them around and put some socks on before we went for a walk.

When we got home we went upstairs and played. Wynn made me wear this black plastic helmet thing. Nice huh?

Ivan loves to call Aunt Ruby so he called her from my phone and then was going to hang up when she didn't answer. He said that he doesn't like to leave messages but I made him anyway so that she would know what was going on. She called me about an hour later and told me that he does that just about every day. Then he wanted to play a game where he calls my voicemail and trys to figure out my password. I told him that was not a great game.



Ashley said...

Very cute! "That is not a great game." I can hear you saying that. LOL! :-) When they hit 9/10 years old they start to think tricky like that.

Brooke & Peter said...

they are so cute!